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Making the connection between theory and real life eCommerce skills (to apply them to your own niche)

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These case studies are from some of our very best campaigns.

  • Case Study #1: “Iphone Case/Credit Card”
  • Case Study #2: “Crystal Necklace”
  • Case Study #3: “Support 2nd Amendment” (t-shirt)
  • Case Study #4: “Welder”(t-shirt)
  • Case Study #5: “Electrician”(t-shirt)

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside The Case Studies:

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside The Case Studies:

Doing background research to uncover what discover individual niches love most (gives your campaigns an unfair advantage from the very start)

Getting people clicking on your ads with completing ad images and copy

Gaining dirt cheap clicks and FREE search engine traffic with killer buying keywords

Sending NO-COST viral social traffic to your stores

Having unlimited design ideas for t-shirt campaigns and other customizable products And much more!

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